1. v обращаться с просьбой, просить

to apply for a rise — просить прибавки

apply for — обращаться за

to apply for a visa — запросить визу

apply for payment — обращаться за платежом

2. v подавать заявление

to apply for a job — подавать заявление о приёме на работу

apply voltage — подавать напряжение

apply for a card — подавать заявку на выдачу карточки

apply for the position — подавать заявление на должность

3. v использовать, применять, употреблять

to apply a sum of money to the payment of a debt — отдать деньги в уплату долга

to apply a hold — применить захват

to apply economic sanctions — применить экономические санкции

to apply an embargo — наложить эмбарго

apply with — использовать

apply for all — применять ко всем

apply sanctions — применять санкции

apply reverse thrust — применять реверс тяги

apply the log — применять процедуру регистрации

4. v прикладывать, прилагать; накладывать

to apply a match to a candle — зажигать свечу

to apply glass-cups — ставить банки

apply force — прикладывать усилие

apply a load — прикладывать нагрузку

to apply splint — накладывать шину, класть в лубок

5. v мат. накладывать
6. v применяться, быть применимым; касаться, относиться

this rule does not always apply — это правило не всегда применимо

apply to — относиться к

to apply in diversity — применять при различиях в нормах

7. v сосредоточить; приложить, направить; посвятить

he applied himself to learning French — он прилежно взялся за изучение французского языка

Синонимический ряд:
1. appeal (verb) address; appeal; approach; sign up; sue
2. be pertinent (verb) affect; be appropriate; be pertinent; be relevant; connect; have a bearing; hold true; impinge
3. concern (verb) appertain; bear on; bear upon; concern; involve; pertain; pertain to; relate; relate to
4. devote (verb) allot; appropriate; assign; commit; dedicate; devote; persevere; prescribe; work at
5. employ (verb) actuate; effect; employ; exercise; exploit; handle; implement; practice; practise; put to use; spend; use; utilise; utilize
6. entreat (verb) entreat; petition; request
7. give (verb) address; bend; buckle; buckle down; concentrate; direct; focus; give; throw
8. lay on (verb) administer; affix; bestow; coat; install; lay on; place on; place upon; spread on
9. resort (verb) go; recur; refer; repair; resort; run; turn

English-Russian base dictionary . 2014.

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  • apply — ap‧ply [əˈplaɪ] verb applied PTandPP 1. [intransitive] to make a formal, usually written, request for something, especially a job, a place at university, or permission to do something: apply for • She had applied for a full time job as an English …   Financial and business terms

  • Apply — Ap*ply , v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Applied}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Applying}.] [OF. aplier, F. appliquer, fr. L. applicare to join, fix, or attach to; ad + plicare to fold, to twist together. See {Applicant}, {Ply}.] 1. To lay or place; to put or adjust… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • apply — [v1] put into use administer, assign, bring into play, bring to bear, employ, engage, execute, exercise, exploit, handle, implement, practice, utilize; concept 225 apply [v2] be appropriate, relevant affect, allude, appertain, be applicable, bear …   New thesaurus

  • apply — [ə plī′] vt. applied, applying [ME applien < OFr aplier < L applicare, to attach to < ad , to + plicare, to fold: see PLY1] 1. to put on or spread on; place so as to be touching [to apply a salve to the skin] 2. to put to some practical… …   English World dictionary

  • Apply — Ap*ply , v. i. 1. To suit; to agree; to have some connection, agreement, or analogy; as, this argument applies well to the case. [1913 Webster] 2. To make request; to have recourse with a view to gain something; to make application. (to); to… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • apply — I (pertain) verb affect, be applicable, be concerned with, be connected with, be pertinent, be proper to, be relevant, bear upon, belong to, concern, deal with, have a connection to, have bearing on, have reference, have relation, involve,… …   Law dictionary

  • apply — (v.) late 14c., to put (one s faculties, etc.) to some task or career, late 14c., from O.Fr. aploiier (12c., Mod.Fr. appliquer) apply, use, attach, from L. applicare attach to, join, connect; figuratively, devote (oneself) to, give attention,… …   Etymology dictionary

  • apply — ► VERB (applies, applied) 1) make a formal request for something to be done, such as asking to be considered for a job. 2) bring into operation or use. 3) be relevant. 4) put (a substance) on a surface. 5) (apply oneself) put all one s …   English terms dictionary

  • apply to — index appertain, call (appeal to), importune, petition, pray Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • apply — 1 *use, employ, utilize, avail 2 devote, *direct, address Analogous words: attend, mind, *tend: addict, accustom, *habituate: toil, labor, work, grind (see corresponding nouns at WORK) Contrasted …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • apply — v. 1) (D; intr.) ( to request ) to apply for; to (we applied to the authorities for assistance; the captain applied to headquarters for a transfer; she applied for a fellowship) 2) (D; intr.) ( to seek admission to ) to apply to (she applied to… …   Combinatory dictionary

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